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Letters to Our Children {May 2014}

Late, but better late than never, right? Small group this month, but don’t miss Barb’s Letter to her sweet babies! She is up next in the circle.


Dear Delia,

I’m a little late with the May letter, but I’m guessing you won’t notice since you guys aren’t really big enough to read them anyway. I’m writing this letter on June 9th, so your 6th birthday was just a few days ago. This morning you told me that you are so much stronger now that you are six. I love the way that six year olds think. You have accomplished so much already in your short six years. I love that every big (and even more so small) moment is being documented in your life. While you aren’t always so happy to have my camera around, I know that one day you’ll treasure those pictures as much as I do. I hope so anyway.
18 Delia Pedi-31_web
18 Delia Pedi-32_web18 Delia Pedi-36_web

In the past year, you’ve learned how to tie your shoes, ride a bike, blow bubbles with gum, hula hoop, swim using “big arms”, grown an extra tooth (while keeping the baby one….now that takes talent!), make a “donut” with your body….thanks to gymnastics, cross your eyes, flare your nostrils, blow up a balloon….and I’m sure there are more that I’m forgetting. Anyway, all of these accomplishments, no matter how big or small, one truth rings true. I’m proud of you little girl. You are growing into an amazing, caring, sweet, talented little girl. I get teary eyed just thinking about you. You have a kind and giving heart and such a loving soul. A bit whinier than considered pleasant at times, but I’m hoping you’ll grow out of that stage. I’m sure it is hard growing up with two brothers.

18 Delia Pedi-38_web18 Delia Pedi-37_web

Just today you wrote me a sweet letter, then later I found out you had written daddy a very similar letter. It went a little something like this: “Dear Mommy, I love you so much. You are so sweet. Saem as Daddy.” (complete with typo). You are always thinking of others and writing sweet little letters. I’ve found ones you have written to your brothers too. And your friends at school. Well, baby girl, you are loved too. More than you will ever know.  Deeply and completely. You are special so special to me. You are a light in the dark.

18 Delia Pedi-47_web18 Delia Pedi-44_web

18 Delia Pedi-53_web

I love you D!


P.S. Bebe/Bun Bun now has a new name. Bunny. Oh, and he is now a she too. I can hardly keep up.

2 In Letters to Our Children

Letters to Our Children {April 2014}

Dear Ben,

Wow how time flies! You are seven and a half years old now. You still love all of the things you have always loved. Add to the mix a love of reading, playing video games, and the Kindle, and that about sums you up. I shouldn’t forget the Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger obsession. You do love your cars! You continue to amaze me daily. You ask some of the most thought provoking questions, some of which I refer to your daddy. You wonder about aliens, life on other planets, and what life was like years and years ago here on earth. You’ve always been inquisitive in nature and I love that about you. You can memorize numbers like it is no one’s business.  From the year someone was born, to how many years ago the dinosaurs lived, you know it. It is really crazy. Usually if you spit out a random number, I can trust that it is correct. How do you do that Bennie? It’s just one of the many things that make you so interesting.

13 Ben Jumping Swing-1-Edit_web13 Ben Jumping Swing-10-Edit_web13 Ben Jumping Swing-5-Edit_web13 Ben Jumping Swing-11-Edit_web

Recently we were all at the park and you learned how to jump out of a swing.  So, naturally, I had to take pictures the next time you did it at home. You are so proud of yourself! As you should be! Let me say it has taken a long time for you to let go of your cautious attitude about things. As a baby, I know that you were always thinking two steps ahead. If I do this, this can happen and I can get hurt. I think you were three before you would go down a slide. Maybe not that old, but it seemed like forever! I’m glad that you are letting go of some of the more cautious behaviors and just being a boy and having fun.  The smile on your face is just priceless to me, Ben. Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and try new things. Life isn’t always black and white. There are lots and lots of gray areas that you will have to find your way through. And sometimes you’ll have to just trust in others (like your momma!) and go for the moon! The worst that can happen is that your task didn’t go as planned. I’m always here to help you make another go of it.

13 Ben Jumping Swing-4-Edit_web13 Ben Jumping Swing-15-Edit_web13 Ben Jumping Swing-16-Edit_web13 Ben Jumping Swing-12-Edit_web

Ben, you are the best Ben that you can be! I love you no matter what.


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