Happy 4th Birt{h}day Bray {Ted}

19 Bray Bday-32-Edit_webI can’t believe FOUR years have passed by since this little guy was born! To describe Bray in a few words…..he is HAPPY, loving, funny, loves life and people (and monkeys and crocodiles). He is truly a joy to be around and I’m so proud to be his momma. There isn’t a day or even an hour some days that go by that  he doesn’t tell me he loves me. He has such a sweet nature about him that I hope he keeps forever. Bray Bray, you are such a gift and you’ll always be my “sweet baby” no matter how big you get. Happy 4th!!! Can’t wait to celebrate next weekend with your buddies!

At four, Bray loves anything that goes (much like big bro Ben), especially planes and helicopters…his favorite color is blue or pink depending on when you ask him…he loves his candy!!! and prefers sweet and tart to chocolate (like his momma!)….favorite food is PB&J…..loves Dr. Pepper (raising him right!)…loves to be outdoors swinging or running and playing, or swimming….is addicted to television, as he would probably watch all day if I would let him…..loves animals……and has an alter ego, which is a dog named Ted…..and I’ll add a list (in Bray’s words later)


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BarbaraNovember 29, 2014 - 11:11 pm

He is so adorable Laurie! I cannot believe he is so big already! I remember looking at newborn pictures of him like it was yesterday.

Sick Day….Again

Bennie has strep! Again! Darn toothbrush. And while I fell off of the thankful wagon a while back, I’m picking up here and there as I can, and hope to catch up on the pics I have been taking but haven’t had time to edit or blog. I’m thankful for sick days and down time with my babies. Luckily, “sick” at our house usually means a super low grade fever…I’m not sure it ever even reached official fever status…but Ben sure had the droopy pale face that goes hand in hand with a fever. He got a half day yesterday and a whole day today of lounging in pajamas, coloring with me and Bray (and Sannie), a little Skylanders….I think I heard “come on…this way” about a 100 times…evidently my Skylander skills aren’t up to par….a little computer time…and of course bossing me around (only on sick days). All for the love of a “sick” kid. Glad to have both of my boys home today.

20 Sick Day-1-Edit_web20 Sick Day-2-Edit_web

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Halloween {100 Days}

I’m thankful Halloween is only once a year. ha! Kids walking in the streets at dark isn’t my idea of fun. It totally freaks me out making sure no one is getting run over. I think this must be Bray’s favorite holiday though. He has already finished his basket of candy….little sneak….

Delia cracked me up with the vampire bunny. Right up here alley!:)31 Halloween-5_web


31 Halloween-20_web31 Halloween-8_web31 Halloween-10_web31 Halloween-12_web31 Halloween-15_web31 Halloween-22_web

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