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Shoot What You Love

I love photography. I love photographing my kids. It brings me joy. I knew while taking these images that my vision would translate perfectly. The light. The water. The fun. Everything. I had just had the epiphany that I am who I am both mentally and photographically speaking, and I knew that these images were perfectly my style. Water and kids is one of my absolute favorite things to photograph. The contrast is amazing for black and white images…which I also l.o.v.e. This was just one of those days that I knew my loves all would come together. And it did. I’ll explain my settings at the end of the post! Enjoy 🙂

Carwash-Laurie Flickinger 2016-10-19_0005Car Wash- Laurie Flickinger6-car-wash-34_web6-car-wash-32_webCar Wash Laurie FlickingerCar Wash Laurie Flickinger

Car WashCar Wash Car Wash

How I Shoot:  I used my Nikon D750 and Nikon 35mm 1.4 for these images. I usually set either my ISO or aperture first when choosing settings. For these images, I knew I would be working with some fast shutter speeds because I would want to freeze the water droplets midair.  It was a bright day, but we were nestled in our driveway which is surrounded by house and trees. There was a beautiful pocket of light there that I wanted to take advantage of. So, I set my ISO accordingly, to 400. This would keep my image quality high and get those quick shutter speeds. I love a shallow field, have 3 kids, and know that the DOF will not be quite as shallow using a 35mm lens, so I set my aperture to 2.5. For the most part, I know that they would be in focus if they were near the same plane. Flipping through my images, I noticed I shot the entire session at shutter speeds ranging from 1/1000 to around 1/3200.

My Thoughts : I love how the water is frozen in time. I love the energy and movement that the water adds to the set of images. There are several images that I think of as stand alone images…that tell a story without any other prompting, but I really like how all of them tell the story together too.

The kids had a fun time and wanted to start washing the car themselves instead of going to the car wash…not sure the kids are quite as effective, though. 🙂 But it was good enough for this time.