Playdate with your BFF {100 Days}

{Day 39}

These two have been BFFs as long as they can remember…they were almost a year old when they met. I love impromptu play dates and the excitement that brings the kids. Instant happiness….and the ability for me to clean the kitchen without breaking up arguments. Win! Win! And Happy Birthday to both of these boys! Oct 11th and 15th. Eight years have flown by.

17 BFFs-6-Edit_webThey gave me 2 shots to get a picture. Technically sound, um, expressions, niiiiiiiiice boys.

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CourtneyOctober 21, 2014 - 1:07 pm

Best friends are the best :)

SAHM {100 Days}

{Day 38}

I am grateful to have been a stay at home mom for as long as I have. It is nice to be able to beat the crowds and spend one on one time with the kids when they are little. Bray had fun today at Lollipop jumping and sliding with his buddy Ty. Yuck, florescent lighting. My white balance is all over the place.

16 Buds-5-Edit_web16 Buds-6-Edit_web16 Buds-7-Edit_webNo one is hurt here. All smiles, I promise.:)

16 Buds-8-Edit_web16 Buds-11-Edit_web

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CourtneyOctober 21, 2014 - 1:08 pm

Awww, looks like so much fun :)

Hand Me Downs {100 Days}

{Day 37}

I’m grateful for all of those hand me downs Bray gets to wear of Ben’s. Bray gets excited to have new clothes, Ben gets excited to see his old things, I get excited that I don’t need to buy nearly as many clothes! I love the memories that the clothes jog too. A day at the park. A shirt worn on a birthday. Favorite pajamas. The shirt that was cut at preschool. All of those little baby memories….although Bray is wearing a 5t/5 now….the clothes aren’t so little anymore. My babies are growing. Okay, enough nostalgia. Here are the pictures. A gum smacking Bray who LOVES his hand me down UGA hat. Loves it, loves it, but says it makes his head sweaty. Yep. It does.

And Sannie may look kind of sweet here, but he’s really looking to me for permission to rip that hat off of Bray’s head if he doesn’t let go of his collar.

15 Hand Me Downs-5-Edit_web

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School Portraits Satire {100 Days}

{Day 36}

So, last week, I noticed all of these cute little yearbook pictures being posted on FB and I wonder what the heck those photographers are saying to the kids? While a lot of the kids do look cute, mine ALWAYS look some version of a strange fake smile! Hilarious! Uncomfortable, awkward, a look of what are you making me do??? “Did you tell me to say cheese? I don’t like cheese”. Anyway,  I am grateful for these little portrait sessions because it gives me a laugh. And this will be one of those gifts that keeps on giving when we look back in the coming years at those yearbook pictures. Delia and I decided to go and poke a little fun.

School Pic Satire_web

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Bray {100 Days}

{Day 35}

I’m thankful that I got to be this little dude’s momma. He has his days, don’t we all, but the majority of his days are smiles. He has the best time doing whatever he’s doing, whether it’s “skateboarding”, playing Mario Cart, swinging, dancing, playing with B or D, or running. And he is as lovable as he is fun! My last baby was finally a snuggly one.



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