Bed Crasher {100 Days}

{Day 23}

I find it harder and harder to say ‘no’ to this little dude when he somehow makes it down from his room each night. Last night I woke up on the couch with him on top of me.  Today, in my bed. Throughout the night I’ll feel him reach over to make sure I’m still there. Somehow, I managed to get out of bed without him noticing this morning…after 3 alarms. I am grateful for each of my babies. And I’ll take the snuggles where I can get them.

1 Sleeping-4-Edit_web

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Fog {100 Days}

Holy Fog! I appreciate the inquisitive nature of the kids. They keep me thinking. We talked about fog all of the way to school (and then back) with Bray. Bray and I took a little walk down to the docks after we dropped the big kids off to take a closer look at it on the water. Bray made me take a picture of every spider web we saw (a lot). These pics sum up about how silly Bray is these days.


Watch out ladies:)This little dude is quite the ladies man.30 Holy Fog-25-Edit_web30 Holy Fog-31-Edit_web30 Holy Fog-34-Edit_web



30 Holy Fog-4_web30 Holy Fog-5-Edit_web

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BarbOctober 1, 2014 - 11:55 pm

Laurie, these photos are stunning! I keep meaning to go back and comment on all the other posts you have done recently. I read them in the emails and never get around to commenting on how gorgeous your photos are. I love the idea of a 100 days of gratitude/happiness project. I think everyone could benefit from taking time evey day to look at the positives. I look forward to seeing the rest of your photos. :)

Neighbors {100 Days}

{Day 16}

I’m grateful the kids have a few kids to play with that live so near. If only they were on the same side of the street. This is what it looks like often. “Heeeeeeyyyyyyy! Want to come over and play???” But, kids can’t cross the street without mom’s permission! And that’s Sanford taking a leak on the tree….I guess he doesn’t bother asking permission.

25 Boys-5-Edit_web

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