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Daycation to Cashiers, NC Sliding Rock

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Initially, we headed to Tallulah Gorge State Park in plans of hiking to the sliding rock there, but the trail was closed. Bummer.  So…..instead, we just hopped back in the vanborghini and decided to drive a little further and head to Cashiers, NC to the Sliding Rock there. Our morning hike quickly turned into a daycation. Which we were all okay with (after the kids realized there was more than one sliding rock to be found). It was worth the drive! The temperature was so much cooler from the North Georgia climate that we had driven from…soooo refreshing. Cashier has an elevation of about 4000 ft, so the air felt so much more brisk there. We definitely left some humidity behind.


Since we had planned on hiking,  we had packed snacks and drinks for the kids to tie them over. That worked out for us perfectly. We were able to stay for a couple of hours before we got hungry, which was plenty of time to wear the kids out and get hungry for lunch.

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What a great family day! I loved watching them gain the confidence to jump into the “hole”…a very deep hole within the waterfall. The kids must have slid down 100 times in every combination of ways possible.

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Unfortunately, my youngest’s first ride down was after he slipped on a rock. Very slippery! And slid down the far right side (for a slider). There is a big bump there and it trashed his experience. Fortunately, there was plenty more to keep him busy.
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The Sliding Rock is located on the Chattooga River in Cashiers. Directions are below:
From the intersection of NC 107 and US 64 in Cashiers, follow NC 107 south for 1.9 miles to Whitesides Cove Road. Turn right onto Whiteside Cove Road and follow it 2.8 miles to the bridge over the Chattooga. Parking is allowed along the side of the road. Hike a short trail to the river and sliding rock.

***Keep your kids away from the far right (looking down from the top). The rock at the bottom isn’t so nice to their bottom.

Recommended to bring:
Snacks & Drinks: My little ones love  Propel by Gatorade as a treat. It’s a flavored water without the sugar and fake sugar.

Chacos or other water shoes.

Swimsuit and/or quick drying clothes.



We stopped at Carolina Smokehouse on the way home. Good food. Kid friendly. Lots of shade. And cool atmosphere. We enjoyed looking for all of the different state’s license plates while waiting.
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