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I Found the Perfect Camera Backpack for Travel

So, you may remember that I was on the hunt for a pretty camera backpack for our recent trip to San Francisco, and I found the perfect camera backpack…I ordered one, I tried it out. And I  l.o.v.e.d. it!!!! The whole back pack for traveling with a camera….its the real deal. I wish I had ordered one sooner. It is really a game changer  for me.

I ended up buying the Isaac Mizrahi Kathryn (I heart Amazon Prime!) I’m petite at 5’2 and like that it wasn’t like carrying a dead body in a duffle on my back.

Perfect Camera Backpack

The Perfect Camera Backpack! What’s Perfect?

  • The price. It was way less than a hundred dollars and its functional, that never happens.
  • I like that it is small and doesn’t scream “I’m carrying thousands of dollars of photography equipment” while I’m wearing it.
  • I didn’t get shoulder strain or back pain like I do with my other bags. So, that is a win for sure.
  • I was able to carry a lot more than just my camera gear.
  • Extra pockets for my credit cards and cell phone. No need to carry my wallet.
  • It’s real leather. Not the “vegan” kind. Sorry vegans.
  • It comes in 3 more colors. Yep!
  • There isn’t anything I didn’t like. And I’m not just saying that.

What All Did I Take?

I just invested in an all-the-rage-mirrorless camera. Or did I miss the rage and just bought a mirrorless camera. Idk. But I did get the Fuji XT-2 for my birthday and I got the Fuji 14mm 2.8 lens to go with. I rented the Fuji 56mm 1.2 from Borrow Lenses for all of the portraits in between. I really enjoyed that lens! I kind of wish I had it to keep instead of the 14mm, but I don’t have a wide angle in the arsenal, so it makes more sense for now. I brought along the charger of course, and a couple of batteries…as I’ve heard the Fuji can really eat up some batteries. And of course a few memory cards. I actually had to buy another while on the trip. Oops. Too much to see, too little space on the memory cards. And I’m never without a gray card.

There was still room for candy (for the kids, duh!) and an extra shirt or two that a kid didn’t want to carry around.

The Deets 🙂

Perfect Camera Backpack for Travel

Love the idea of the perfect camera backpack, but don’t love this one? I may have you covered! Check out my post here for a bunch more that’ll get the job done!

Have you found any backpacks that you love? Let me know in the comments! I love an enabler! 🙂

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