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That Time I Almost Lost My Camera

You may have read this post recently about why you should insure your camera….if not, you should! Today, I tell a few stories about near losses and true losses that makes getting insurance pay off, if not financially, at least by having peace of mind.

That Time I Almost Lost My Camera

About a year ago, we took the kids skiing for the first time. The lines were horrendous. We waited over an hour for boots (in 20 degrees), then learned that we had to wait again (outside) for skis. The kids were losing it. Losing it!!! And so was I. My husband, usually patient, not so much. It was awful. The nice manager offered us free lift tickets and rentals (and ski school) if we left and came back the next season. We happily accepted. Well, in the commotion of getting ski boots on, the crying, getting ski boots back off…I left my camera bag with around $5k worth of gear under the bench. I realized it after the bus ride back to the car. I thought I had left it on the bus. Nope. My stomach dropped. I am in full on freak out mode. Anxious, panicking, kids still hungry and in not so great moods….and I don’t know where my camera bag is. We drove back down to the ski area and my husband came back with my bag. I’ve never been so relieved….and the kicker….my camera is insured. So, I can’t imagine how I would feel if my husband had come back empty handed.

That Time My Friend LOST Her Camera

So, I have gotten off pretty lucky. While I get myself into some sticky situations, things seem to work out for me. The same didn’t happen to my friend though. My friend is a photographer. She flew out to the Northeast with her family to visit her grandmother and took a train. Her bag was on her seat, but of course when you are traveling, you have many bags to keep up with. At her stop, she grabbed her things along and along with her family (who had their own things), and they hopped off. Well, if you’ve ever ridden a train, the doors aren’t open forever….and the train keeps going after a few minutes. Almost as soon as the train had departed, her heart sank. She realized her camera was on the train. Ugh.  After reporting it to the train security police? her husband was able to talk to the insurance company. And after some hem hawing around and much more time spent than anyone has, they come to the conclusion that her camera was covered under her home owners insurance but at a loss of the deductible which was either $2500 (not a small chunk of change!!!) or $1000 (still not what most people have laying around to replace something they already had). She had plans of using her DSLR to video her grandmother’s 95th (or something like that) birthday. It makes my heart hurt just thinking about it again. And of course when traveling, there is no back up camera. The opportunity was lost.

That Other Time I Almost Lost My Camera

And let me tell you about that time I lost my point and shoot in the snow! We took the kids skiing for their first time and we were riding on a lift. Well, my husband isn’t so good at getting off the lift and he cut me off! And I fell. I had my little point and shoot in my jacket pocket (it was one of those hand warmer pockets that goes straight through on the front) and anyway it fell right out. The camera is a little point and shoot Canon G12 that I bought for outings that I didn’t want to lug around my big camera….and it isn’t worth a ton of money, however, it made me SICK to think that I had just thrown away several hundred dollars. I noticed it had fallen out after we had done the ski run, and by the time we got back up to the top, it was gone. Not a trace of it. We checked lost and found soon after…nothing. I worried all day long about it. No pictures of my kids skiing for the first time. I had made some video and it was lost. Gone. I was s.i.c.k. about it. Almost letting it ruin my day. We kept skiing and eventually went in for some lunch and to warm up. Guess what. Someone had found the camera and turned it in after they came in to warm up. My day was saved!!! I was able to take a few shots of the kids (I did mostly video that day). Day saved. Camera was back in my hands. Whew!

The Time My Son Dropped My Point & Shoot in the Pool

This may have been the best thing that ever happened to me, honestly. I got my first DSLR soon after and have never looked back. But it happened and it really sucked at the time, because I didn’t have another camera, and phones didn’t make great images….at all. My oldest son was about a year old and playing in a little splash pool. I was the doting mom taking tons of pictures. 🙂 I laid the camera down on the ground and was chatting with my mom while we watched Ben splash and have a great time. Then, he reached down, picked up the camera and dropped it in the water. It happened super fast, and ruined it super fast. Accidents happen, but it was months before I had another camera. My mom let me use hers until I got another for Christmas or my birthday or something. 🙂



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