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5 Reasons Why You Should Insure Your Camera

This post is written for everyone…not just professionals. Let me tell you why you should insure your camera ….that’s an easy one. How many times have you almost lost your purse? Or left your purse or credit card somewhere and had to go back to the restaurant or movies or wherever to retrieve it? Well, I can raise my hand and say many more times than I would like to tell you. I tend to be a little forgetful and with 3 kids and a purse and a camera and toys and blah, blah, blah, I’m surprised I have never lost something valuable that I didn’t turn back up.

Why You Should Insure Your Camera

Why You Should Insure Your Camera???

I am a hobbyist. I love photography, but taking picture of OPS (other people’s stuff) sucks the fun right out of it for me. Blame it on my anxiety about the session or the pressure to deliver it in a certain amount of time…idk, but I dislike it…so I choose to photography my family beautifully and in turn try to help others do the same with this blog. It has taken me years and years to acquire all of the camera gear that I own. Every Christmas, birthday, and holiday that I receive gifts, for the looooongest time, it was money put toward camera gear. If it were lost or stolen or dropping in a lake today, I would not be able to run to the store and pick up all new photography equipment. And most other people wouldn’t be able to either. I can however sacrifice a couple of hundred dollars a year to ensure that my hobby is safe and secure. It’s worth it to me. So, with that said….here is a short 5 important reasons why everyone should insure their camera gear. And yes, pretty much no brainers.

1. Photography Gear is Expensive

The first reason why you should insure your camera, is because its pricey. Is your wedding ring insured? Your nicest jewelry? At some point, the amount of camera gear may add up to more than your best piece of jewelry if all lost or stolen at once. Why not insure it?

2. People Lose Stuff

I’m raising my hand. I don’t even know when or how it happened, but I lost my Nikon 50mm 1.4g.  That lens is worth over $400. I’m thinking I left it at a park or something during a session. Otherwise, I’m usually at home, where I would have found it eventually. It never turned up. 🙁  I would like to think that everyone would be more like me….or most people, hopefully, and turn in valuables…but in the case of leaving it at a park? No one would even know where to begin returning it.

3. People Steal Stuff

Your gear can be stolen from anywhere. From your home, your car, the park bench. While some home owners and auto policies may cover stolen items, you should check and see what your deductible will be. Dollar for dollar, you may not end up with what you started with, unfortunately. Some can be as low as $500 or so, but others can be $2500 or $5000. That is a lot of money to come up with to replace something you already owned. It makes me sick just thinking about it.

4. Accidents Happen

We live on a lake, and I often take my camera down to the dock or on the boat.  I do not have a gazillion dollar housing for my big fancy camera, so it could easily be lost in the lake or ruined in seconds. And even not around water, lenses can be dropped and broken irreparably. I haven’t ruined anything yet, but who knows, it could happen anytime. I’m the type of person that if I take precautions, nothing will ever happen, and if I don’t misery will find me.  I’m not going to NOT take my camera with me everywhere to keep it safe….what’s the point in having it at all. I do tend to step too close to the water or get dangerously close to get “the shot”…and I don’t see myself stopping, so insurance is a good thing.

5. Peace of Mind

Breaking, losing, stolen gear is going to be a traumatic event no matter what it costs (at least for me! This stuff is like my other child!), but I guarantee it will be a lot less so if your gear is insured.

I hope I’ve convinced you why you should insure your camera…Please take a few minutes today and email your insurance agent. Get a policy for your camera! You won’t regret it!

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